Burst Pipes

Wetwork Plumbing is open and trading during COVID-19 lockdown. We are fully certified and fixing all emergency requests from our clients. Burst pipes can occur and need to be attended to immediately. The first step is to switch your water off at the mains until we get there. This will reduce any possible damage. Our teams are fully equipped with leak detection equipment and will assist as soon as they are on site.

Leaking Geyser

A leaking geyser does not only cause damage to a ceiling but can severely damage appliances and household goods that are under the geyser itself. More often than not, the water can run along the ceiling into other rooms causing damage there too. Switch off the main water supply outside and I will team will assist as soon as they are on site.

Kurt Lemmer | Director JHB

Contact Kurt on 071 677-2324

Blocked Drains

Drains come in many shapes and sizes and are a pain to home owners when blocked. Wetwork Plumbing has the adequate technology in the form of cameras to source the blockage as well as clear it out thereafter. Avoid using taps and toilets when a drain is blocked, this will avoid overflow and ensure that “mess” is kept to a minimal until our team is onsite.