Pipeline Inspections

Technology is completely changing the way maintenance and construction workers do their jobs. What took half a day in the past can now be accomplished in less than an hour. One of these technological breakthroughs is the convergence of CCTV and surveying, the result being portable video inspection equipment like the Pearpoint Flexiprobe pipe camera we use at Wetwork Plumbing.

Below you’ll find out more about challenges facing the construction and maintenance industries, how our Wetwork Plumbing pipeline inspections work, who can benefit from as-needed inspections, and how to book a drain or pipe inspection in Durban and Johannesburg:

Issues Facing the Industry:

Most metropolitan utilities, such as water pipes and drainage systems, are found just a few feet below the ground. The world would look like a completely different place if we didn’t bury pipes and drains! The issue with sub-terranean utilities is that finding faults when something goes wrong can be a challenge. Many a back yard have been churned up in the search for water pipe leaks and other pipeline issues.

Time is money in the maintenance and construction industry, and finding faults can sometimes take the better part of a day. Not only do workers have to physically access the pipeline, which is often in hard to reach locations, but they also need to inspect every inch of the pipe manually until the fault is found. Luckily, technology has made this a whole lot easier.

Bridging the Gap Between Plumbing & Technology

Wetwork Plumbing bridges the divide between traditional plumbing and inspection technologies, offering professional pipeline inspections with state-of-the-art UK-manufactured portable CCTV equipment. We’re able to send a probe into any conduit ranging from 70mm to 300mm in diameter – be it a drainage system or a water pipe – and assess the situation. This frees up your time and resources to focus on fixing the fault without unnecessary inspection delays!

Wetwork Plumbing, with branches in Durban and Johannesburg, is uniquely positioned to assess and document pipe faults for any industry in South Africa. We charge no call-out fees, and we won’t charge you for a quotation! Got a fault you’re struggling to find? Save your team time and effort by booking a pipe camera inspection today.

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