Septic Tanks / Soakaways

We at Wetwork Plumbing have highly specialised track and trace equipment which will easily and quickly locate your underground septic and soakaway tanks if you don’t remember its location in the garden. Instead of digging an unnecessary excavation in your established garden, we can with our specialised track and trace equipment, easily locate the Tanks at a seriously low cost. We will point out the underground location. After exposing the tank, we are able to professionally inspect and get your septic tank system back to working condition. Wetwork Plumbing are able to replace an old and obsolete brickwork septic systems with an underground plastic tank, locally manufactured by plastic RotoTank™ and if required a soakaway system.

Check out or RotoTank Septic/Soakaway installation to properly visualise and understand the RotoTank™ unique septic/soakaway system. There is no longer any need for using the brick and mortar built underground systems. Your new plastic septic tank system will have a manhole attachment which will allow for ongoing necessary inspections. Phone us today for a free quote.

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