High Pressure Jetting

Wetwork Plumbing provide a Briggs and Stratton 300cc petrol engine pressure jetting service which can clean most drains, domestic or industrial, e.g., kitchen drains, storm water and agriculture drains. The jetting machine can be quickly and readily connected onto any domestic water source. The Briggs and Stratton engine delivers approximately 220 bar pressure. The pump assembly is mounted on wheels and is light weight for easy delivery to the problem area. It readily fits through a normal home doorway making it easy to transport and manoeuvred for use. Utilisation of a local water source, therefore allows not to have a reliance on a heavy-duty water tank and trailer for providing the necessary water supply for use with the jetting machine. Therefore, accessibility of the jetting pump to the immediate problem area is as uncomplicated as wheeling the jetting machine into position and connecting to a localised water source via a simple hose. We can also clean paving and tarmac with our adaptable jetting gun for those nasty, oily drive ways. A tank can be provided in areas where water is not available.

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